Pron Prohm Thai Restaurant

Welcome to Pron Prohm Thai Restaurant!

Since 1985, we’ve been keeping our followers in North Strathfield happy with our repertoire of authentic Thai dishes, made fresh to order at our kitchen on Concord Road.

About Us

Culinary roots run deep in our family, which is why we pride ourselves on our traditional methods of cooking, using only the finest unprocessed and natural ingredients from Southeast Asia and the region.

Not only that, our hospitality is also among the warmest you’ll find in Sydney, so why not stop by for a comforting bowl of curry or noodle soup? We can’t wait to serve you!

Pron Prohm, or ‘The Blessing of Prohm’, an ancient Hindu creation god, symbolizes well the life work of Pron Prohm Thai Restaurant owner, Dilok Thamrak. Owner of one of Australia’s first Thai Restaurants, the Thamrak family have, for over three decades, combined elegantly the now-familiar Thai hospitality with their passion for both the freshest ingredients and the most satisfied patrons. Dilok remains as committed as ever at bringing the ultimate Thai experience in every dish at every table.



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209 Concord Rd,

North Strathfield NSW 2137

Tel: +61297362861

Tues – Sat / 11:30am – 3pm

/5pm – 9pm

Sun & Mon / 5pm – 9pm